Sunday, June 25th, Oyster Bed, PEI

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Nick Chiasson wins the Discover KIA Maritime Street Stock Showdown

PEI’s Nick Chiasson led a few times during the race and took a stranglehold prior to the midway point of the 100 lap showdown to claim victory in a field of 29 cars. Finishing second was PEI’s Colton Ford and 3rd was NB’s Chris Hanley. Race winner Chiasson took home a$1500 cheque for the win,. The full results are as follows:

Driver                                                                                   LAPS COMPLETED

  1. 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI 100
  2. 35 Colton Ford, PEI 100
  3. 71 Chris Hanley, NB 100
  4. 00 Jamie Stewart, PEI 100
  5. 80 Amanda Wheatley, PEI 100
  6. 7 Brandon Snow, PEI 100
  7. 4 Andrew Thompson, PEI 99
  8. 00 Matt Crocker, NB 98
  9. 93 Keaton Vessey, PEI 98
  10. 26 Randy Snow, PEI 97
  11. 21 Patrick Horne, NS 95
  12. 42 John Halliday, NS 93
  13. 1 Kenny Snow, PEI 91
  14. 52 Destiny Enkel, NB 75
  15. 37 Brandon Albert, PEI 70
  16. 87 Nick Cudmore, NB 68
  17. 42 Mike Duskey, PEI 48
  18. 50 Gerald MacQuarrie, PEI 47
  19. 31 Kevin Albert, PEI 44
  20. 55 Ryan Richard, NB 44
  21. 24 Gordon Stewart, PEI 43
  22. 06 Alex Sheehan, PEI 36
  23. Vernon Brown, NS 14
  24. 68 Russell Smith Jr. 12
  25. 08 Curtis Moase, NB 10
  26. 44 Zach Chappell, PEI 2
  27. 60 Eric Matthews, NB 0
  28. 29 Jeff MacInnis, PEI DQ
  29. 47 Shawn Furlong, NB DNS



Time Trials – Phillips Auto Sales Pole Award Winner – 06 Alex Sheehan

2n d- #1 Kenny Snow, 3rd – #80 Amanda Wheatley #42 Mike Duskey, 4th – #42 Mike Duskey


Heat 1. MacLean Performance PEI Winner- 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI

Heat 2. Carquest PEI Winner- 50 Gerald MacQuarrie, PEI

Heat 3.  Going Fishing PEI Winner- 7 Brandon Snow, PEI

Lap 25 Novus Glass, PEI Lap Leader – 42 Mike Duskey, PEI

Lap 50 Half Way Award Frizzell’s Auto Body PEI Lap Leader- 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI

Lap 70 Tucker Racing Products, NB Lap Leader- 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI

O’Connor Glass PEI Most Laps Led Award – 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI

Olympia Electric PEI Hard Charger Award- 35 Colton Ford, PEI

Kris Fournier Remax PEI Top Finishing PEI Driver – 27 Nick Chiasson, PEI

R & D Performance, NS Top finishing NS Driver – 21 Patrick Horne, NS

Quality Pools, NB Top finishing NB Driver – 71 Chris Hanley, NB



NOTE: Results provided by Oyster Bed Speedway






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Maritime Street Stock Showdown

MAY 19, 2017


APRIL 26, 2017

The 44th spot has been filled by #24 Brodie Lewis.

The waiting list is now empty.

APRIL 21, 2017


April 19, 2017

The 44th spot has been filled by the #47 Shawn Furlong.

The waiting list is empty now.


April 18, 2017….Charlottetown, PEI….. Advancing to the 100 Lap Discover KIA Maritime Street Stock Showdown (MSSS) being held at Oyster Bed Speedway (OBS) on Saturday, June 24th has been determined.

With 43 cars pre- registered, the field will be set with 30 cars for the 100 lap feature race. One position has become available for the race.

The field will be capped at 44 cars. So if you are a racer out there and want to be in the race or on the waiting list, then email Race Promoter Tom Nicholls at showdown2017@gmail.com. He noted, “that things happen, engines get blown, money gets tight, work and family commitments occur. We can foresee possible future withdrawals due to circumstances”. It costs nothing to go on the waiting list, all it takes is an email or to call Tom at 902-940-3552. Visit the website www.streetstockshowdown.com. for all up to date information.

Advancing to the 100 Lap Maritime Street Stock Showdown

To set the field the following will take place:

  1. Time Trials – Fastest 4 cars will advance.
  2. 4 Heat Races with 10 cars per race – Top 5 in each heat advance giving a total of 20 cars advancing from Heats. Heat races will be 15 laps.
  3. Last Chance Qualifier– The remaining 20 unqualified cars will race in a Last Chance Qualifier Race – the Top 6 finishing cars will advance to fill the field of 30 cars. Last Chance Qualifier race will be 25 laps. The remaining 14 cars will be done racing for the night.


The 30 qualified cars will take the green flag for the 100 lap race.


In other related news to the event, All Star Cresting, a sponsor of the event, will be on hand race day with their mobile trailer. “They will have the inaugural event t- shirt for sale and will heat press your favourite driver’s number on the back. It will be pretty neat to see the kids and fans sporting their new tees and supporting their favourite street stock drivers”, noted Nicholls.

APRIL 10, 2017


The field is capped at 44 cars, however the 2 cars that were on the waiting list have drawn into the race after 2 other pre-registered cars withdrew. So if you are a racer out there and want to be on the waiting list, then email myself at showdown2017@gmail.com. Things happen – engines get blown, money gets tight, work and family commitments occur; most likely I can foresee possibly additional withdrawals. It costs nothing to go on the waiting list, all it takes is an email or call at 902-940-3552”. Thanks Tom.

APRIL 3, 2017

Maritime Street Stock Showdown gets some ink in Canada’s Inside Track Racing magazine. Thanks Tim Terry at Tim’s Corner for including the event in the story.

race print2

race print1

APRIL 2, 2017

The following are 3 accommodation places near the race track, all within 2-3 miles. Unfortunate I was unable to get a Sponsor to provide reduced rates. However, it is outside of peak season so rates should be very good. Thank you , Tom







MARCH 17TH, 2017


The waiting list for potential cars that cannot make the race has begun:


  1. 00x Matt Crocker – Geary 660, NB
  2. 68 – Michael Cormier – Petty







CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI. Organizer and Race Promoter Tom Nicholls of BPMS and Major Sponsor KIA Charlottetown & Summerside for the inaugural Maritime Street Stock Showdown are pleased to announce the field for the race is now FULL at 44 CARS . The event will be held at Oyster Bed Speedway, PEI on Saturday, June 24th with a 5pm start time.

A full list of the 44 entrants can be viewed here on  the website.






CHARLOTTEOTWN, PEI. Organizer and Race Promoter Tom Nicholls of BPMS and Oyster Bed Speedway Management have capped the number of registrants for the inaugural Discover KIA Charlottetown & Summerside Maritime Street Stock Showdown at 44. The event is on June 24th with a 5pm start time.

“We have 40 cars registered now. The interest has been overwhelming. We have more than enough cars to put on a fantastic event. There are some cars that have expressed interest in racing in the event so we are urging them to register now before it’s too late. As well, any pre-registered drivers who do not have their completed and signed registration form with payment in by Friday February 10th will be dropped off the list and be placed on the waiting list, thus risking their opportunity to not be in the event, so we need this to be done this week by the very limited few that have pre-registered and have not completed this task”, commented Nicholls.

“As it stands now with a potential full registered field of 44 cars, there will be 14 that go home. The race will be a 30 car field for the 100 lap Showdown. I just don’t see the sense in bringing in more cars at this point just to have more being sent home. In the event we exceed the 44 limit, the additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list in case a registered car cannot make the event. I always want to be up front and as fair as possible with the racers, thus the reason to get this information out now on how things will work for this event. There will be future announcements on race day format, etc.”

“From a logistics standpoint with 44 cars in the pits, in all probability it will mean that OBS Management will look at giving one of the three support classes the night off for this event. We need the pit space and we do not want it to be a marathon night for the fans. Yet the fans will get more than their money’s worth with over 15 races and time trials. As well, all kids and youths under 15 years of age will receive free admission and the adult admission price will remain at its regular nightly price”.

Non – registered cars are encouraged to get their entries in now, they can do so by going to the event website www.streetstockshowdown.com for all information.

Stories  on :




News Release

March 2, 2017

Charlottetown, PE. Tom Nicholls, BPMS and Race Promoter of the inaugural Maritime Street Stock Showdown is happy to announce today that Discover KIA – Charlottetown & Summerside locations as the Major Sponsor of the upcoming inaugural showdown.  With 38 cars registered to date it is certain to be the largest street stock event ever held in Atlantic Canada. The event takes place at Oyster Bed Speedway on Saturday, June 24, 2017.

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Tom and Oyster Bed Speedway for what we know will be a thrilling family-friendly event and a really unique opportunity for us to showcase our multiple award-winning line-up of KIA vehicles. I’ve always been a proud member of the racing community, and jumped at the chance to combine one of my passions with our rapidly growing Discover KIA brand. We couldn’t be more excited!” commented Kent MacLeod, General Manager/ Dealer Partner – Discover KIA.

Nicholls added “I am extremely happy to have Kent and both PEI KIA locations come on as the Major Sponsor of the event. This event will offer the KIA brand with direct exposure to a captive clientele. It will be a history making event that KIA will be proud to be involved with as we reach for that goal of showcasing the street stock class in Atlantic Canada and having 40 plus cars and 3000 fans”.

KIA will be on hand with a full line-up and vehicle display of their 2017 models. On track presence for the evening will include a pre-race parade of the NEW 2017 KIA brands prior to the 100 lap showdown. As well during the evening, KIA will feature some of their exciting line-up of vehicles during the Street Stock events through-out the evening participating in the warm up laps prior to each event. 

Information on the race can be found on the website www.streetstockshowdown.com .


About KIA

  • KIA is the Highest Ranked Automotive Brand for Initial Quality as awarded by JD Power.
  • JD Powerhas also awarded the 2017 KIA Sportage and 2016 KIA Soul the Highest Ranked Small SUV, and the Highest Ranked Multi-Purpose Vehicle (two years in a row) respectively.
  • Discover KIA is Consumer Trust Certified– a Canada-wide, auto industry sponsored certification that is earned by dealers that exhibit the highest levels of customer service and transparency in their marketing, sales and service interactions.
  • 2017 marks the 17th year of operations for Discover KIA and the 5th anniversary of growing to a second location on Water Street East in Summerside. The two dealerships are proud members of the Morris Automotive Group, proudly serving Islanders for nearly two decades.


Kent MacLeod, General Manager /Dealer Partner , Discover KIA


KIA Summerside, PEI


KIA Charlottetown, PEI

Story can be found online at Tim’s Corner Web site         http://timscorner.ca/?p=12959

and at Checkers to Wreckers Website   http://www.checkerstowreckers.com/discover-kia-to-sponsor-maritime-street-stock-showdown/



February 14, 2017

News Release

Charlottetown PEI.  Organizer of the MSSS, Tom Nicholls is pleased to announce that Ferry Pass Sponsor for the MSSS, Kris Fournier REMAX Charlottetown has increased the available ferry passes from 5 to 10 for the former CBMMS drivers.

“I am thankful to Kris for upping his sponsorship commitment. To date we have 6 cars registered from the Sydney area. There are some more cars over there or in that area so we are extending the opportunity to attract these drivers to come to the race.”

“We need to do whatever we can to keep these cars in racing. This goes beyond this race alone. If you take OBS for example, there are three 50 lap super series races and the David Lambe Memorial race. Look towards Petty, they have 3 big races with the International, the Dunn and Stevens Memorial races. CFS has the Atlantics, Speedway 660 has Speed Week-end and Miramichi has September’s showdown race. It gives the Sydney area cars an opportunity to pick some high profile races within the class to continue to race”.

“With Kris’s sponsorship commitment also including the Top finishing PEI Driver in the 100 lap race, this is a $1500 commitment towards the race. Kris is a huge supporter of racing and we are lucky to have him to call on for assistance here on PEI”.

Fournier’s rise in the racing world began in the mini class and trended upwards to the street stock class, the late model class and the Pro Stock Tour. Recently, he scaled back his racing after winning the Late Model Championship in 2014. With his move into the Real Estate business, he continues to maintain a strong interest in racing with the # 0 car’s in the street stock and late model class with Troy Burke. As well as being the Major Sponsor last season for the prestigious David Lambe Memorial street stock race at OBS.

His motivation for striving to be the best has not stopped with racing. This motivation has launched his career as one of the premiere real estate agents on PEI with REMAX Charlottetown.

Nicholls noted there are 28 cars registered for the MSSS. “ We have some perks out there to pre-register early. There are 20 free bridge passes with 9 left and now with the increase of free ferry passes we have 4 left. The $25 of fuel comes off the table once the 40th car is registered. I encourage those who know they are coming to race to get registered before the perks are gone. To date there are 17 cars registered from the mainland and 11 from the home track at OBS”.